Are you looking for a better legal services solution?

Introducing the Law Quarter Portal and Titan Lawyer. We have developed technology to automate the generation and review of legal agreements. Using machine learning, Titan can review any type of legal agreement and give you a report in seconds.

Our solution reduces risks for in-house and external legal teams by identifying errors, omissions, and legal risk. We customise each instance of our solution to ensure that you have access to the documents you need and to review documents against your own internal policies.

What we deliver

♦ Ensure that delegations policies are adhered to with respect to review and signing of documents.

♦ Ensure that errors and omissions are identified before agreements are delivered to your clients or internal stakeholders.

♦ Have access to automated agreements needed for your business or practice.

♦ Ensure secure documents storage and version control with our Vault.

Introducing Titan Lawyer

Titan in the Law Quarter Portal

Unlock insights hidden in your contracts and regulatory documents to get an unmatched advantage.

Access the Law Quarter Portal to:

Generate legal agreements including employment and commercial transactional agreements;

  • Securely store your legal documents;
  • Automate version control; and
  • Review documents with Titan.

Titan will look at any document and produce a report on potential exposure, mandatory content, omissions, and compliance with internal policies.

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    Answers to your questions

    What Can I Do With the Law Quarter Portal?

    Within the Law Quarter Portal, you can generate legal agreements and review agreements using Titan.

    The documents you can generate include:

    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Casual Employment Agreements
    • Full-time Employment Agreements
    • Website Terms of Use
    • Contractor Agreements

    Using Titan, you can review any type of agreement and be given a report in a matter of seconds.

    How Does Titan Lawyer Work?

    Titan Lawyer uses Machine Learning to bring speed to legal document review. Use Titan to review any type of legal agreement to:

    • Identify errors and omissions;
    • Understand the legal implication of key terms;
    • See alternative wording for clauses;
    • Compare a document to others in its class; and
    • Identify risk.

    Does Titan replace the need for a Lawyer?

    Titan has been trained on thousands of documents and that training was overseen by expert commercial lawyers. Titan’s report does not replace the need for a lawyer to review your legal documents rather it supplements the work of lawyers by looking for errors, omissions, and risks in a new way.

    How much is a subscription?

    If you want to review a single document using Titan, you can do so for Free. We have paid plans for the Law Quarter Portal based on usage.

    Augmented Legal Services- Available Now

    Legal technology has the potential to revolutionise legal services. Law Quarter will ensure that its clients have access to the latest legal technology solutions.

    Law Quarter has invested in the development of second-to-none legal technology. Our document review system, Titan, will review any legal or regulatory document in seconds- producing a report looking at errors, omissions, risks and legal meaning.