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Do you need a Confidentiality Agreement?

What do you need to know?

A confidentiality agreement is a foundational document used when you are going to disclose confidential information to a third-party. Such information might include financial and business plans. A confidentiality agreement sets the stage for subsequent discussions.

Please note that our document is suitable for use between two Pty Ltd entities. You are able to choose to either send the document to yourself directly or to have it sent to you via DocuSign.

Important Information

How should the Confidentiality Agreement be signed?

The Confidentiality Agreement can either be sent to you via email or via DocuSign.

The Confidentiality Agreement must be signed by two directors/ a director and a company secretary/ or by the sole director and company secretary.

Please note that if you select the option to send the document electronically the email sent will come from Docusign identifying Law Quarter as the party sending the document (you should let the other party know this before you sign and forward to them).

If you are not the sole director and company secretary of your company, once you have electronically signed the document you will need to select ‘Other Actions’ rather than ‘Finished’ and then Assign to Someone Else (the other director/ company secretary to sign).

Once all parties have signed electronically, a further email notification will be sent with the completed document.

How does our document generator work?

Simply complete the form on the left of this page to generate a template confidentiality agreement. You can choose to send it only to yourself, to print, or to send it to all parties electronically.

When should this Document be used?

Use our Confidentiality Agreement when you would like to disclose confidential information to a third-party. Our Confidentiality Agreement is between two (Pty Ltd) businesses and is for use within Australia.

What is covered by this Document?

Our Confidentiality Agreement covers the definition of confidential information, how that information may be used and disclosed. Our Confidentiality Agreement makes it clear that IP does not transfer as a result of the disclosure of confidential information. Our Confidentiality Agreement does not have a fixed term nor does it include a non-compete clause. The potential results of a breach of our Confidentiality Agreement include damages and injunctive relief.

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