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Storm in camogli

Coastal Erosion – Are the property rights of beachside residents being washed away?

The position at common law is that the land boundary changes as the position of the water’s edge changes. This is known as the doctrine of erosion and accretion. The common law position has been altered by statute and the position in Australia varies from state to state, but in NSW clause 48 of the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017 largely mirrors the common law doctrine.

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Japanese ramen in restaurant

A Tokyo Ramen Dispute

The world of commercial law is complex. Rarely will you find the clarity that one might expect in a commercial arrangement. Problems often arise when

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Stock exchange or bourse

The Electricity Retail Code

The Competition and Consumer (Industry Code—Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019 (the Code) applies to all electricity retailers that supply to small customers in the applicable distribution regions of

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GST clauses

GST clauses are an essential feature of a contract as they allow a vendor/supplier to claim GST from its purchaser/customer.  Despite their significance and the

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IP Assignment clauses

IP Assignment clauses are featured in contracts when an owner’s intellectual property rights are to be assigned or transferred to another entity or individual, usually

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