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Why your business needs a contract playbook?

A contract playbook is a single place where you set out your organization’s position on common contract clause categories such as indemnities, confidentiality, and warranties. It sets out what clauses can be accepted, rejected or amended and who has the authority to accept, reject or amend different types of clauses.

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Middleton, South Australia

Energy Law Case Note: Miller v Lifestyle SA Pty Ltd [2021] SACAT 35 (7 April 2021)

This case note concerns a decision of the Deputy President Johns of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (the Tribunal).

The applicant in the matter, Mr Miller, entered into a residency agreement in March 2010 whereunder he resided in a retirement village in South Australia. Electricity supply within the village was initially managed by Lifestyle Utilities (LU), a related entity of the respondent.

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Recent matters

On this page, we will explain the work that we have recently completed, including the results of Court matters. Federal Court Australia: Urgent Orders (22

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Coastal Erosion – Are the property rights of beachside residents being washed away?

The position at common law is that the land boundary changes as the position of the water’s edge changes. This is known as the doctrine of erosion and accretion. The common law position has been altered by statute and the position in Australia varies from state to state, but in NSW clause 48 of the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017 largely mirrors the common law doctrine.

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A Tokyo Ramen Dispute

The world of commercial law is complex. Rarely will you find the clarity that one might expect in a commercial arrangement. Problems often arise when

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